All you want to know about sulfates and sulfate free shampoo

sulfate free shampoo
Written by Pallvi Sharma

Most of us do not take the trouble of putting in our thoughts when choosing a shampoo. Some of us choose on the basis of how much fragrance the shampoo gives while the others will blindly believe the promises and claims made by the shampoo in the TV commercial. There are also those people who are simply lazy to find out why some shampoos should be avoided and why they should opt for a sulfate free shampoo. And how badly can it affect the scalp and hair.

One of the widely used ingredients in a large number of products is sulfate. This is basically a detergent with which the lather of the shampoo is made. Relatively much inexpensive as an ingredient is one of the major reasons why most products contain them.

The most common of all sulfates that are used in these shampoos are the Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), TEA Lauryeth Sulfate (TEA), Ammonia Laureth Sulphate (ALS) and Sodium Myreth Sulphate (SMS). Even in most of the household cleaning agents, you can find these sulfates.

Major Effects of Sulfates on Your scalp and Hair

Sulfates have all the potential to absolutely wreak havoc to your hair. It produces lots negative effects,which can cause your hair to shaft, damage the hair follicles, and also the scalp. Few of these include:

Dry hair and scalp – Shampoo containing Sulfates will dissolve all of the natural oils from your scalp, thereby leaving your scalp and hair dryer than what is normal.

Scalp irritations. These have the potential to aggravate eczema and dandruff. In turn, they leave the scalp feeling itchy and tight.

Fading hair color – If you dye your hair, the intense cleansing that sulfates offers you will totally strip your hair of the new color, thus leaving you with faded and dull locks.

Hair loss – A shampoo containing Sulfates will damage and corrode your hair follicles, and this, in turn, leads to hair fall. And this is especially true in case you don’t rinse the shampoo properly out of your hair.

Switching to a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

When switching from a regular shampoo to new sulfate free shampoo, initially there might be a few small things which you will have to get used to. But even if at first you struggle with all these little changes, you always should keep in mind that swapping to a shampoo which is free of sulfate is the small start to attaining healthier hair and a healthier scalp. The struggle sure will be worth it.

  1. Zero lather. The very first change that you will be noticing about the sulfate free shampoos is that these willnever lather. And this is an issue with many people since they do not feel that the shampoo is properly cleansing their hair. But, you must remember that the sole reason behind the lather is due to the presence of sulfates which are abundant in them. So if you are planning to avoid sulfates, keep in mind that your new shampoo is not going to lather but will also not damage your hair. Here are some tips to get the most lather from your new shampoo.
  • Before you apply the shampoo to your hair, ensure that your hair is well saturated with water.
  • Wash the hair two times. The first time will remove all the oil and dirt from your hair and make it much easier for the shampoo in the second wash to lather better. Washing the hair twice with a shampoo free of sulfate is better than washing it once with a sulfate harboring shampoo.
  1. Oily hair – Once you switch to the regular shampoo, you will also notice that your hair will feel much oilier than it used to before. And now that all the essential oil will not be stripped off the hair, few people will see that their hair will become oily much more quickly than before. Nothing can moisturize the hair better than the natural oils, but this is a problem for a few people, particularly if they do not like to shampoo their hair quite often like the others. We have a solution to this.
    • Tie your hair into a ponytail or a bun on the days when hair does not feel very clean and below your expectations.

  • But a better option would be to use a dry shampoo. This one is sprayed on the hair roots, and absorbs all the unnecessary oil from the hair, making it feel and look like just washed.

To wrap up the topic in brief, safeguarding the hair from potential threat of damage caused by sulfates is worth switching to the changes which are brought along by a sulfate free shampoo. The ultimate choice is yours, pamper your hair or let them get spoiled.

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