Sulfate and paraben free shampoo

Do You Even Care If You Are Not Using Sulfate And Paraben Free Shampoo?

Non sulfate shampoo
Written by Pallvi Sharma

Sulfate and paraben free shampoo are latest in the youth anthem. These shampoos are ranking high for the better health of hair and overall hair care. Therefore, yes, you should care if you are not using the Sulfate free or paraben free shampoo.

What are sulfate and paraben?

I myself have always enjoyed blowing the lather produced while washing my hairs- thanks to my shampoo and its sulfate content. They were my best friends of back days (when I used to apply the shampoo with sulfate and paraben. But later I knew that my friends are the real traitor and they are harming the health of my hairs like anything.

And this was the moment I realized, I should use the Sulfate free Shampoo sulfate and paraben free shampoo for black hair.

But before actually using the shampoo devoid of these harmful chemicals, I needed to know that what these are and how they impact my hairs? Let tell you what I got to know.

Sulfate and paraben free shampoo

Parabens: Not only in Shampoos, but this chemical has its kingdom spread over many other cosmetic brands, which includes the make-up industry, and soap industries. In addition, why the paraben is used, is to work as a preservative to prevent the bacterial growth and fungal growth.

Now you will say that, if they were doing the good works, why did you consider them as bad. Well, I have an answer for that also. And the answer is because, this chemical was lethal for my skin (in fact, everyone’s skin) and it could cause the diseases like dermatitis, allergies and rosacea.

Sulfate: It was the explanation about the paraben, which one hand prevented the bacterial and fungal growth but on the other hand, it even causes skin issues and allergies. But here comes the another enemy of your beautiful hairs, which is used a cleanser, however, in the reality, it is taking away the natural moisture of hair and scalp. You will not be much amused to know that these sulfates are actually the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- In very simple words, these are the detergents and surfactants. Yes, those you use in washing the clothes and laundry.

I know that you would have a wide-open mouth with a screech sound of Hawwww! But yes, you were actually pestering enemies in your shampoo. So, what should do you now, despite throwing these Paraben and Sulfate contented shampoos, is to throw away the shampoos.

Also, you can obviously choose the SLS free shampoo. Let us see why.

Why sulfate and paraben free shampoo for African American hair are a better choice?

The  best Sulfate free Shampoo are better to use rather than shampoos with the chemical. Moreover, why they are a better choice, is explained below.

  • These shampoos never strip out your hair and eat natural Keratin.
  • Also, even if you color your hair, sulfate free shampoo are also suitable. They never wash away the color and damage the elasticity of the hairs.
  • With diminishing impact on the hair, these shampoos even take care of scalp or and skin.
  • These shampoos are even safe for eyes and they never cause eye irritation.
  • These shampoos are carcinogen free and never destroy the hair follicles.
  • These shampoos do not inhibit the hair growth; on the other hand, they help in better hair growth and strong follicles.
  • These shampoos do not eat the natural moisture of hair and keep them moisturized and nourished.
  • These shampoos, despite being good for other ages, is also good for baby and infant.
  • Last but not the least; the shampoos do not damage the hair.
How should you check whether your shampoo is a best paraben free shampoo?

Checking whether the shampoos are paraben and sulfate free or not, here are some of the guidelines. Do follow if you really care about your hair.

  • While buying any of the brand and shampoos, make sure you see at the back of the shampoo whether these chemicals are present or not.
  • No matter whether they have mentioned the ingredient in the back or not, there is another way of checking the content- to see the lather in it. If the shampoo creates a lot of lather, the shampoo has sulfate content.

So, you must now have realized that chemical does affect your hair and scalp health. Therefore, being vigilant is the one thing, which you can do, is to protect your hair. And to do that bring shampoos which are devoid of these chemicals, namely known as Sulfate and Paraben.

These shampoos are available in the market and big brands like L’Oréal has products including the sulfate and paraben free shampoo. You can find the product at Walmart and other stores.

So, this festivity, give your hairs a gift a chemical free Shampoo.


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