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It’s Time That You Change Your Shampoo: Use Sulfate Free Shampoo

sulfate free shampoo
Written by Pallvi Sharma

Since past few years, we all are hearing go green, be organic, be a vegan, etc. Some people follow it and some do not. But this flow is unstoppable because the one who follows starts screaming about go green, be organic, be a vegan, etc. etc. So, what is the magic behind it? Why are people so much in the game of being organic? I would say because it is healthy and good for you only! And to prove that I am going to pick an essential topic of today’s’ generation- hair care.

Hair care is a dreaded topic that is not only fearing women but men too. Reason- because they do not want to be bald or lose their beautiful natural locks. However, it is not possible until you leave all your detergent-based shampoos and run for sulfate free shampoo  ones.

Yeah, I could see one more item being added into the list of go green, be organic, be a vegan, go Sulfate free in shampoo, etc. etc. etc.

Well, it is not a joke but reality and the reality will tear you apart when you will see the truth behind your long lasting, nourishing shampoos that have sulfates in them.

Caring or cursing: the shampoos with sulfate in them.

Girls nowadays get highly attracted to advertisements and buy the shampoos endorsed by their favorite celebrity. But the reality is that no matter how big celebrity is endorsing the shampoo, it is of no good if it has sulfate in it.

It is eventually going to harm your scalp, your hair and thus your all over beauty. Therefore, despite going by the celebrity endorsing the product, go by the ingredients and see whether has sulfate or not. If it has, say, No! No!

And if you ask why, the answer is, because.

1.      The shampoos with sulfate in them are harsh on hair.

2.      They take away the natural moisture from the hair.

3.      They make the scalp go dry.

4.      They break the hair follicles and make hair strands weak

5.      Some people (might you too) cab suffer irritation due to the use of shampoos containing sulfate.

Why is the sulfate a bad agent?

If the sulfate is in washing powder, then is a good agent, sometimes the hero as it kicks away the dirt and oil, making the cloth shine like white beauty. But, on the contrary, they are lethal for hair and keratin. Despite they can rinse the hair and make dirt and oil free but eventually they will harm it by taking away its moisture and making them brittle to be easily broken.

Therefore, the wise decision is at the side of sulfate free shampoo and hence, you should choose well.

Make your decision firm for shampoos without sulfate by knowing the benefits

So, with the above proofs of not using sulfate based shampoo, you are on the way of hating the shampoo kept on your bathroom shelf. Right? This happened with me too. But do not worry, let me divert your mind towards the main hero, the shampoos without sulfate and let us see how beneficial they are for your hair.

The benefits

1. With the timely use of the shampoo without sulfate, you will be saved with the scalp irritation and itching.

2. These shampoos will keep safe the natural moisture. They will help hair to retain the moisture by increasing their water retention capacity.

3. These shampoos help the hair follicles grow and get strong. This, in turn, will make your hair strands strong and unbreakable.

4. Also, with an application of such shampoos, the hair will retain their natural oil and hence, will always be shiny and healthy.

5. When you use the shampoos without sulfate ingredient, the hair dye stays for the longer duration than before. These shampoos have the ability of gently cleaning the hair, which helps in dye retention too.

6. Once you have made it organic, your scalp is not in contact with the chemical like sulfate. So, in the other way round also, your scalp is safe too.

Well, these were the benefits of using sulfate free shampoo and I am sure that they have made a big difference in your thinking. So, from today onwards be organic and remain at the safe side by using detergent free shampoos. This will not only help your hair grow stronger and healthier, but the environment will also be safe. Last but not least, even shampooing your hair very often is also wrong. That is why keep it twice a week only. In addition, while you are shampooing your hair, make sure you have nicely oiled them for at least 5-6 hours. The oiling will provide them their nourishment and after the wash your hair will be as shiny as you have ever dreamt off.




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