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All You Need To Know About Loreal Sulfate Free Shampoo

L’Oréal sulfate free shampoo
Written by Pallvi Sharma

Loreal sulfate free shampoo  is one of those few products that actually care about the nourishment of your hair. It has made by using only mild ingredients that don’t weaken your strands. Moreover, the absence of sulfate and the silicone makes furthermore natural for the users.

Having mild ingredients and being a sulfate free shampoo, don’t mean that it doesn’t clean your hair well. In fact, the natural components do the cleaning job so effectively that your hair will look much better than a regular wash. Plus, it doesn’t make your hair look dry like those chemical products do.

Loreal sulfate free shampoo

But still, there are many questions that people ask when it comes to using this product. This article is going to answer all those questions for you.

First, who should use this product?

1. Loreal sulfate free shampoo curly hair treatment

People who have curly hair needs to take extra care of their hair, as it easily gets damaged. Plus, the curls of the strands don’t allow the oils and moisture to reach the tip from the roots. This eventually makes the hair look dry and unhealthy. Adding to that, the absence of the natural moisture reduces the protective ability. The lack of natural oil leaves your hair unguarded in front of pollution and UV rays.

It has been seen that people who use this product once or twice a week, get better shine and nourishment in the curls and stay undamaged.

2. L0real sulfate free thickening shampoo for people having thin hair

People with thin hair, complain about the flatness of the hair and that their hair doesn’t look alive. Moreover, the use of chemical products further increases the damages and makes your hair go thinner and thinner. This can be resolved by using this product, as the formula is made to provide all the nourishing elements only and avoiding the harmful and toxic components. The natural components work on the thin strands and regular use make it thicker.

3. Loreal ever strong sulfate free shampoo for strength

If you feel that your hair is losing its strength and have started falling too much, then, it is time to see the list of ingredients on the bottle of shampoo you are using. If the list contains words such as sulfate, bad silicones and other complex terms which you don’t understand. You should switch that bottle with the loreal sulfate free shampoo. There are some good silicones, called Dimethicone Copolymer, in this product. It will make your hair strong again and reduce the hair loss.

4. Loreal everpure sulfate free shampoo for dry hair

Apart from the curly hair, which suffers from drying issues, there are other conditions also that can make your hair dry. The most common reason of the dryness is the impurity of the shampoos that people use. People don’t keep themselves aware of the problems and consequences of exposing their hair to those harsh chemicals. As a result, they end up damaging their hair to such a great extent that it can’t be cured. In order to avoid the dryness, one needs to avoid the use of regular shampoos. Start using this natural product and you will see the change in the first week.

5. People suffering from Eczema or Acne

Many people don’t know why they feel irritation or pain in their head. The reason is the chemical residue that stays in your head for days. The residue can also be found on your face, which causes Eczema. It is a condition in which the person gets inflamed acne.

This is the most critical situation and people having it should immediately consider using this sulphate free shampoo in order to get relief from the irritation.

6. Reliable product for vegans

People who don’t want to use any product that contains animal derived ingredients can’t rely on the regular shampoos. But they can put their faith in the L’Oréal product. It provides the assurance of not having any animal derived ingredients in the products.

Now, how does it feel when you use this product?

The chemicals like sulfate and silicones are absent in this product. But people have used the regular harsh products on their hair for so long that they feel a little strange using the natural ones. But even if you think that you are not getting the lather you used to get with the other product, don’t worry. The absence of sulfates decreases the amount of lather. It doesn’t reduce the quality of the wash. You have to give yourself some time to adjust to this.

As you keep using SLS free shampoo, the changes start showing up. Eventually, you realize that your hair has become shinier, healthier, thicker, and even more bouncy.


Hence, these are all the questions that create confusion in the minds of people. Hopefully, now you know what you need to do.

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