Non Sulfate Shampoo

Non Sulfate Shampoo: Know All About Your Best Friend For Natural Hair

Non sulfate shampoo
Written by Pallvi Sharma

Non sulfate shampoo is the shampoo indicating that it does not contain any one of the three commonly used sulfate compounds:

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ALS)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

People have started to become aware of the content of sulfates in their shampoos from the recent past. The consciousness is gradually gaining a lot of hype among shampoo users. But first, you must know that why you should not use the sulfate based shampoos and what harmful effects these sulfates have on your hair.

Harmful effects of sulfates in shampoos: Use of sulfate free shampoo

The traditional shampoos contain the simple formulas of bar soap and water, added with herbs for the necessary aroma. Afterward, liquid shampoo came in the market with different formulae, but essentially containing the sulfates, which were and still are harmful. However, the formula has been constantly evolving since then. The first brand of shampoo containing a sulfate base was Royal Drene Shampoo.

Non sulfate shampoo

Even today, one of the three sulfates form the main ingredient of a shampoo. A sulfate is a surfactant, which is a mix of molecules, which can attract both oil and water. The sulfates essentially help to cleanse the hair. Shampoos containing sulfates separate oil and dirt from the scalp and hair and then the use of water helps to rinse it off the head. Then the question arises: why then the craze for sulfate free shampoo? The property of a sulfate to cleanse oil and dirt from the scalp also results in the removal of protective oils and proteins from the skin.

As a result, sulfate shampoos cause a lot of irritation and dryness of skin and hair. Shampoos free from sulfates are milder, and hence do not take away the natural oils off the hair.

Looking for long black hair? Go for non-sulfate shampoo for black hair

If you crave for long black flowing hair that does not grow dry and stripped of natural oils and proteins, then sulfate free shampoo for curly hair is your ideal for you. Sulfates cause irritation and bring about damage to the hair – follicles. Such damaged hair – follicles ultimately lead to hair fall as the roots of hairs become tender.

These shampoos are much friendlier to your hair than those containing sulfates. They cause a lot more slipperiness so that disentangling of hair after wash becomes easier. For having black hair like African American men and women, you must try special formulae in non sulfate shampoos. The reviews of such shampoos among African American women are very positive.

Use of sulfate shampoos can cause breakage in the hair strands. The manageability of hair increases manifold with the use of sulfate free hair. Your hair gets the increased length as the elasticity of hair increases.

Crazy about beautiful hair color? Go for non sulfate shampoo for colored hair

If you use hair colors regularly, then you are more in need of maintaining soft and nourished hair. Let the advertisement do not make you bedazzled with the lot of lather their shampoos make because they are equally harmful for your hair follicles too.

If your hair is chemically treated and you use hair color, you must have extra care while using such shampoos that dry up your hair. You must avoid these harmful cleansing elements in your hair and go for chemical free shampoo to have beautiful soft hair even during the cold dry winters. Some special non – sulfate formulae also help your hair to retain the color and the shade remains from fading for a longer time.

You may use this shampoos containing natural coconut oils, almond and argon to maintain your colored hair.

Here is a non sulfate shampoo list for your choosing

Some of the best non sulfate shampoo are given below to help you choose the ideal brand for your hair type, length and color:

  • Paradise Island Shampoo – This shampoo is available in 6 separate formulae.
  • EO Botanical – It is a sulfate less shampoo with keratin, Coconut and Hibiscus, it contains Quinoa, rich in amino acids.
  • Puracy – It is a natural baby shampoo and body wash.
  • Giovanni 50:50 – this is a balanced and hydrating shampoo with clarifying properties.
  • Aveeno – Pure Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Moroccanoil – It is a moisture repair shampoo with conditioner.
  • LuxeOrganix – It is an argan based oil shampoo with conditioner.


In addition to the above  shampoo without SLS , this blog tells you everything about the sulfate and non-sulfate shampoos and their effects. Be the effects are good or bad. However, there researches are still going on.

So, waiting is not the right way. Get into the market and get your chemical free shampoo for better hair. There are some of the very authentic non-sulfate brands present in the market.

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