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More and more People are making the shift to Sulfate Free Shampoo

shift to Sulfate Free Shampoo
Written by Pallvi Sharma

The one thing that most men and women are concerned about their appearance is their hair. A vast majority of people are constantly engaged in altering their hair – they get regular haircuts, expensive treatments, hair spas, hair coloring and hair straightening or smoothening. Basically, everyone is mostly unhappy with their hair and would want nothing more than to have a better look, feel and shade of hair. Hair shampoos and conditioners are massively popular, with a variety of products catering to various needs and requirements of different hair types and textures. Recently, however, it has been brought to public knowledge that all shampoos and conditioners contain sodium laureth sulfate free shampoo, i.e. SLS in various quantities. Therefore when you go about purchasing a shampoo make sure you pick up a sodium sulfate free shampoo and provide your dear tresses with only the best.

This SLS ingredient is a salt as well as a grease cutting element that is known to be harmful for the hair. SLS eliminates all the natural moisture from the hair. Not only that, but it has been found that sulfate damages the minute follicles of the hair. Weakened follicles in turn lead to reduced hair growth, weaker hair and poor texture. Moreover, the argument that sulfate contained in shampoos can also causes cancer is a long standing one. More and more people are switching from normal shampoos to sulfate free ones which are now becoming popular in the market. A vast number of these people are mostly those with curly hair are the hurrying up to make the switch. SLS is generally also very harsh on hair. Adding this to the already dry texture of curly hair can have a damaging effect. Thus, there are many products available now that cater specifically to the needs of curly hair, dry hair, straight hair, excessively silky hair. There is a provision for each hair type making sodium laureth sulfate free shampoo absolutely a bang on product!

The argument against sodium laurethsulfate free shampoo is that it does not produce lather and it does not clean the hair completely. In response to this, experts have explained that even normal shampoos do not guarantee to clean your hair completely. Moreover, the point of using sulfate free shampoo is to retain the moisture in the hair. Normal shampoos, with even least quantities of sulfate, absorb all the moisture from the hair, leaving it dry and limp. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free shampoos, on the other hand, clean the hair but leave behind the oils essential for maintaining moisture in the hair. It also keeps the scalp from absorbing harmful chemicals and irritation and inflammation of the scalp skin.

Although many people are already making the switch from using normal shampoo to using sodium laureth sulfate free shampoo in daily routine, it is important that the benefits of sulfate free shampoos be brought to public notice. Moreover, if sulfate is banned as ingredient to be used in shampoos and conditioners, it would work wonders in improving the quality of hair for most people. This knowledge is important to know, however, that people with naturally oily hair may not find sulfate free shampoos effective. This is because their hair is naturally moisturized, even if they are washed daily. SLS free shampoos are becoming a new trend which will hopefully go a long way in benefiting most people. Always remember to go for sodium lauryl free shampoos when you plan on purchasing your next shampoo.

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