Shampoo sulfate free

Tips For All Hair Types Using Shampoo Sulfate Free Formulas

Shampoo sulfate free
Written by Pallvi Sharma

Shampoo sulfate free formulas are a great option for women to get the fabulous hair. They provide all the nourishment and essential protection to the hair. But, it is also important that you consider your hair type while selecting the products and care techniques for your hair. Every hair type requires special attention in order to reach the full potential of health and shine. Plus, not knowing the right method of caring can make your hair go rough at a very early age.

There are many products out there offering false promises about their effects, but you need to keep yourself aware of the ingredients and the chemicals that these products use. Only then, you will be able to choose the right products for yourself.

Shampoo sulfate free

Here are all the tips for the various hair types regarding the use of products and hair care.

 Tips for people who have fine hair

 1. Choose from the volume giving shampoo sulfate free list

The thin hair requires more volume in the hair. They easily hold the moisture and doesn’t let it out. So, these hair types should choose a mild product that doesn’t harm the thin hair and provides the required volume on the head. Hence, harsh sulfate and paraben free shampoo become necessary for people having this hair type.

  1. Use a protein conditioner

The heavy conditioners with strong chemicals are like a villain for this hair type. One needs to find the product that can provide natural proteins and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals such as sulfates. Otherwise, the hair will become flat.

  1. Style to give texture

Thin hair usually looks really flat. Hence, one needs to style in such a manner that it adds more texture up there. Also, make sure that you are not using any serums, as it will give an oily appearance to your hair.

 Tips for people who have curly hair

1. Get a shampoo sulfate and paraben free formula

Curly hair types require gentle cleaning that doesn’t harm the twist and turns of the hair. Sulfate free shampoo proves to be a great product in this scenario. They don’t create too much lather, which decreases the chance of tangling in the hair.

  1. Use nourishing conditioner

The curly hairs easily get dry and don’t hold the nourishment for long. Hence, using a protein rich, moisture providing conditioner would be a great idea. But make sure it doesn’t contain sulfates.

  1. Style it with care

Avoid overuse of the hair drier or the heat irons. It is better that you use styling puddings to do the job.

Tips for people who have treated hair

1. Use best shampoo sulfate free formulas to keep the colors

People having treated or colored hair should stay from the regular harsh shampoos. The natural products are better for them, as they don’t fade the colors and the textures very fast like the general shampoos.

  1. A conditioner that can hydrate your hair

The color treatments damage your hair, hence, it is important that you provide the lost moisture back and keep them away from the toxic chemicals. Try to provide the oil to the roots and strands by using oil based conditioners. You can also add a little color to your conditioner to keep the color vibrant.

  1. Style with oil based serums

As said earlier, this hair type requires oil and moisture to keep the hair healthy. Hence, oil based serums suit them best, as they provide the required shine and volume to the hair.

Tips for people who have thick hair

1. Choose a product that is aveda shampoo sulfate free

The heavy lather is not very good this hair type. The people having thick hair should keep their choices confined within the non-toxic options. Use a product that doesn’t contain sulfates and has a low surfactant. You want the nourishment without the negative effects of the chemicals.

  1. Use keratin based conditioner

The heavy hair requires a little more smoothness in the strands and no other thing can do this better than a Shampoo Sulfate free. They provide the necessary nourishment to the hair and removes the heaviness from it.

  1. Style with oil products

Thick hair requires lots and lots of oil to stay smooth and shiny. But that doesn’t mean that you use the whole bottle at once. Use a few drops regularly to get the shine and smoothness. Adding to that, make sure that you keep your hair as far as possible from the styling waxes.


So, these are all the tip for various hair types. Keep these tips in mind while selecting the best sulfate free shampoo for styling hair. Also, try to know more about the needs of your hair and choose accordingly.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in taking the hair shine and health to its full potential.

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