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Should I care to change to a sulfate free shampoo?

sulfate free shampoo
Written by Pallvi Sharma

When you look at any health and beauty aisles, you will see sulfate free shampoo on a bevy of products; grab it while you can because this important hair trend is shooting up!

Sulfates are powerful, everywhere and they are cheap. Since putting sulfate in shampoos comes in budget for companies, they use this detergent like compound everywhere. You can find them in body washes, shampoos, cleansers, toothpaste and much more. They are extremely harmful for the hair and the skin. Their work is to dry out any substance that comes in contact with it.

Sulfate and your hair –

1. Sulfate is damaging  hair over time and we do not realise it at all. Sulfates often wash away all the peptides, natural oils and proteins from the hair which makes it allergic, vulnerable and gives the hair illness. Yes, your hair can fall sick too! When you go for something without sulfate, you are not damaging your health at all. You are increasing the immunity power of your hair and making it strong to fight the pollution.

2. Sulfates will lift the cuticles of our hair. This will cause frizz, dryness and hair that looks extremely dull. You will have a tough time combing your hair post bath and also experience too many split ends quickly. You don’t need to cut your hair after every month or after 2 months, the reason most people do this is because they use sulfate which causes split ends and lack of growth. If you switch for sulfate free shampoos, you can go for haircuts after every 4 to 6 months as you will see barely any split ends forming.

3. Sulfates make your hair so weak that it takes a long time to dry. This might be surprising but sulfate doesn’t dry the hair quickly. It holds water for too long in your hair which takes away the oils from the hair and you are forced to hand dry in the sun or blow-dry it which can cause further damages.

4. Sulfate can cause irritation. Sometimes sulfate can be the reason why your skin is itchy, scalp is itchy and you catch dandruff so quick. This compound makes the top premature growing layer of the skin on your scalp irritated and causes inflammation too. If you have small bumpy boils on the scalp, it is due to sulfate. Whereas, a sulfate free product will never trouble your hair or cause any kind of damage to the scalp.

5. Sulfate stresses the follicles and hair cells! Yes, this compound is so strong that it pulls your hair follicles which cause hair fall at large. They also weaken your hair growth cells from the scalp area and the more you rub and shampoo, the more damage you are causing. Using a sulfate free shampoo will be helpful for the hair cells. They are so mild that it doesn’t pull follicles or cause damages to it.

It is time you cared to the fullest about your hair and switched to sulfate free shampoos only.



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