The top benefits of using a sulfate free shampoo

sulfate free shampoo
Written by Pallvi Sharma

When compared to using a regular shampoo for your hair care needs, the sulfate free shampoo  is a much safer and wiser choice. We all have our individual choices for a shampoo, but little do we realize that our choice is not always what our hair requires. All products have not been made equally.

Most of the products contain a detergent by the name of sodium lauryl sulfate.This is basically a chemical that does the job of removing excess oil from the hair and make it dry. The products containing sulfate are very common everywhere. But some people cannot use these on themselves. Most of the times, what happens is that a shampoo containing sulfate, strips the hair off its natural and essential oils, plus the pigmentation too when hair dye is done.

Because of the nature of this chemical, people prefer using a shampoo which does not contain sulfate and is free of it. And it is always a safe choice because it does not deprive your hair of its essential oils. Here are the main points which suggest that sulfate free shampoo should replace the sulfate-harboring ones.

5 primary benefits

While most people are unaware of what exactly a regular shampoo is, they also do not know that they can opt for a safer shampoo instead of the one which is only damaging their hair. But first, what exactly is sulfate?

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a kind of anionic detergent which is used in a number of personal care products, which include toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. This is an inexpensive ingredient compared to other expensive ones. And any product containing this will give a lot of foam. But sulfate weakens the hair follicles when used extensively. The hair thus becomes brittle and hair-fall begins to occur. Overall, the hair is damaged in ways more than one. Here are the top 5 benefits of using a shampoo not containing sulfate.

Eliminates the risk of developing inflammation or irritation in the scalp

There are always those few people who are sensitive against certain products. And they must have experienced inflammation from a shampoo containing sulfate. The irritation makes the hair scalp itchy and quite sore to be managed. Nobody wants their scalp to irritate. This is why you should not prefer a shampoo containing sulfate because it is only going to irritate you. Especially during the summers, when your hair gets all oily because of the sweat, a sulfate harboring shampoo can cause serious mess and irritate you.

Increases the moisture retention in the hair

The hair is a safe haven for all forms of moisture mainly for the natural oils. But when you use a shampoo containing sulfate, your hair is most likely to lose its capacity to retain maximum moisture. On the other hand, a shampoo which does not contain sulfate will help to retain the moisture.

Retains all nature oils

Hair follicles give out a lot of natural oil which keeps the hair healthy and moisturized. But sulfate, as told before, strips off the oil, and the hair thus becomes brittle and unmanageable. A shampoo without sulfate, on the other hand, will not take away any essential oil and also clean your hair properly. There is nothing to fear when using a shampoo free of sulfate. It has nothing but benefits to offer you.

Retains hair color for a longer time

A few days after you color your hair, you will notice that the color is fading away already. And this is a consequence of using sulfate harboring shampoo. It trips off all the hair pigmentation and the dye vanishes. A shampoo free from sulfate, on the other hand, will not remove the hair color. This way you can enjoy your dyed hair for a much longer period of time. And also, you can expect clean hair after every wash without the color being washed away.

    1. Refrains scalp from absorbing chemicals
    2. As per studies, sulfate is such that it can even be absorbed by your liver. Yes, this is true. This can cause several hormonal problems in people and can even get dangerous. Estrogen which is found in your body is mimicked, and this could cause you serious trouble. The substance also may harbor 1.4 dioxane that is a very harmful carcinogen

While using a shampoo containing sulfate is not necessarily a very harmful thing, you cannot call it a safe choice for your hair care either. Eventually, it is always safer to use a product that you are assured of regarding it safety. And in this regard, sulfate free shampoo is an ideal choice. This shampoo is especially best for those having a sensitive scalp, or those who have got their hair colored. So if you feel your hair is not in good terms with the regular shampoo, ditch it and try the one without sulfate.

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