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Top 10 Benefits of an SLS-free Shampoo

Top 10 Benefits of an SLS-free Shampoo
Written by Pallvi Sharma

Every person uses one kind of shampoo or the other. It should be noted that all these shampoos are not created equally. Most of the hair shampoos contain a cheap detergent – sodium lauryl sufate that works in forming lather and removing oil and dirt particles. This chemical tends to affect the scalp with constant usage. It irritates the scalp and makes it dry over time. Not just this! It makes hair fibers weak and strip away natural moisture from them. It is due to these reasons people are switching to SLS-free shampoos. Unlike an SLS shampoo, these shampoos do not cause scalp and hair problems and thus, are safe to use. That too on all types of hair!

Well, the top benefits you can enjoy from an SLS-free shampoo are:

1) Natural and Safe: One major advantage of using an SLS-free shampoo is that it is an organic product. That means, that the ingredients list as well as the process involved in the creation of this shampoo is natural and safe in every way.

2) Eliminates Irritation or inflammation: Many people who use sulfate-containing hair products tend to experience irritation or inflammation within their scalp. As a result, their scalp and hair becomes unmanageable. This is why it is important to ditch harmful shampoos and switch to mild SLS-free shampoos. In other words, an SLS-free shampoo can be an amazing alternative for people with sensitive skin or those who are allergic to sulfate containing shampoos.

3) Silky and shiny hair: With an SLS-free shampoo, you can achieve more silky and shiny hair as compared to traditional SLS-containing shampoos and conditioners.

4) Moisture retention: With the use of SLS shampoos, hair fibers tend to get rid of their natural moisture over time. On the other hand, an SLS-free shampoo helps in retaining this moisture as it gently cleanses the locks.

5) Oil retention: Hair follicles create plenty of oils that keep the locks healthy and moisturized. However, SLS shampoos strip away these natural oils thus, making hair dry and brittle. On the contrary, SLS-free shampoos work gently to cleanse the hair and do not strip away the oils. Therefore, one doesn’t have to worry about his/her hair becoming excessively dry.

6) Retention of hair color: An SLS-free shampoo doesn’t stripes out pigmentation from the hair if the latter is treated with a dye. Thus, one can enjoy dyed locks for a longer period of time.

7) Tear-free: SLS-free shampoos are tear-free unlike traditional shampoos that can severely irritate the eyes once a single drop of them happens to fall inside.

8) Environment-friendly: SLS-free shampoos are environment-friendly as they are produced using renewable sources. On the other hand, hair products containing harsh chemicals cause considerable harm to the surroundings.

9) Suitable for all hair types: These shampoos are suitable for all kinds of hair – straight, curly, color-treated and more.

10) Several varieties available: Today’s market is flooded with tons of several types of SLS-free hair shampoos and conditioners. Although these products are expensive as compared to normal shampoos, there is something out there to suit your budget.

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