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How to use sulfate-free shampoo properly and safely

sulfate free shampoos
Written by Pallvi Sharma

“Sulfate-free” – a term that is mainly highlighted on shampoo bottles! What does that mean? And why it is crucial to use sulfate-free hair products? To know the answers of these questions, it is important to discover what sulfates are and how they are harmful for our hair?

Basically, sulfates are inexpensive chemicals that work as surfactants in shampoos. They form lather and cut through grease, giving us clean hair. This happens when the hydrophilic head of a surfactant molecule attaches itself to the water molecules and hydrophobic tail to dirt or grease. These opposing forces loosen the dirt particles and as a result, they get suspended freely in water. When we wash our hair, these dirt particles are plunked down the drain. Hence, our hair gets cleaned.

No doubt that these chemicals work very well in cleaning our hair, they have tons of disadvantages too! The problem with sulfates is that they dry out the scalp, resulting in irritation or inflammation. These harsh substances strip away the pigmentation from dyed hair, allowing the hair color to fade faster. Using sulfate containing shampoos can also result in hair loss!

Due to these reasons, it is important to look out for hair cleansers that are free from sulfates. Well, there are sulfate-free shampoos that provide great cleansing power at every price point. As long as you know how to use these shampoos, your locks will keep looking shiny, soft and beautiful.

Using Sulfate-free shampoos properly:

Lustrous and manageable locks can be achieved if you wash your hair with sulfate-free hair cleansers properly. For using these cleansers effectively, apply them to wet hair and distribute the used proportion all over the head. Next, rinse your locks thoroughly to avoid any residue from the shampoo.  Afterward, use a good conditioner.

NOTE: Sulfate-free formulas do not produce much lather. This may give you a feeling that your hair is not getting properly washed. Here, it should be noted that although your shampoos won’t foam up well, they are still doing their job of cleaning the hair. Well, if you somehow struggle to get lather with sulfate-free shampoo, apply more water on your hair. This will activate your cleanser and help it spread through the hair. For best results, try to shampoo your hair twice. The second application lathers up nicely and will leave your scalp squeaky clean. Although, it is a bit wasteful, you need to use only a small amount of shampoo for the second time.



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